I've been to many Chiropractors in the Atlanta area and Dr. Schenendorf is by far the best I've encountered.  I suffered chronic lower back pain for years from Spondylothesis that impacted my ability to travel and work.  Since continuing treatment weekly from Dr. Schenendorf, the pain has subsided, allowing me to travel again pain free and to enjoy running and working out.  His passion, professionalism and unique personality build trust and confidences making you feel at ease during treatment.  I highly recommend Dr. Schenendorf!

Rob C. Consultant

I am a pharmaceutical rep so I am in my car all day. I had a serious low back condition that Dr. Schenendorf diagnosed and treated. I didn't believe in chiropractic at all until I received treatment. I was pleasantly surprised how I felt. Doc not only treated my low back but showed me proper methods to strengthen my back and proper stretching techniques. He is much more comprehensive than I anticipated when thinking of a chiropractor. I am no longer suffering from back pain and I feel great. My wife now goes to him as well.

Steven Ball Pharmaceutical Representative

I've been seeing Dr. Eric for several years now and he has been a tremendous blessing in my life. Before I met him I was in bad shape, but I believe God places people in your life for specific reasons, and Dr. Eric's was to help me improve my health.

I first came to Dr. Eric because I was having neck and back pains which were giving me constant headaches. He helped me get on a routine of better posture while treating all my back and neck ailments. Additionally, Dr. Eric examined and identified my poor diet habits and implemented a plan to eat and feel better. From my improved diet I saw immediate results in energy level, weight loss, and overall better health. Thanks to everything Dr. Eric has done for me, I am rarely sick or have headaches anymore and I've learned the importance of good posture and diet. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Jason Brown Account Executive

I was going to the massage therapist for years for my pain. I always felt great for the next few days after but the pain always seemed to come back. I would get very frustrated with the pain. I visited Dr. Eric and he found that my pain was due to a skeletal issue and not muscular. After a few visits the pain never came back. I really appreciate his professionalism. He always makes me laugh when I come in and I always look forward to my appointments. I consider him a friend. Thanks Doc!

Erin Levering Waitress

I was always afraid to go to the chiropractor. I thought it would be very painful from what I had heard. I had a crick in my neck and finally decided to go see Dr. Schenendorf. I am so thankful that I went. It was quick and easy and painless. I have referred him to my whole family. Dr. Schenendorf is very gentle and conservative with his treatment. It was very easy.

Derrick Montgomery

I always have tension in my mid back from working out and weakness in my right shoulder. I have tried everything. It was really affecting my work. I had an MRI on the shoulder and seen several MDs. I went to Dr. Schenendorf for the tension in my midback and he discovered the shoulder weakness was due to my spine. I am glad to say not only the tension is gone but my shoulder is back to 100%.

Loyal Hoover Contractor

I was in a rear end auto accident and my low back and neck were seriously injured. I was in bad shape. I went to see Dr. Schenendorf and he found me an attorney and treated my low back and neck pain. Dr. Schenendorf and his staff is top notch. I am glad to say I am 100% recovered from my accident.

Kofi Buahin Entrepeneur

My name is Nicole Swettzle. I have experienced neck pain related to my job. I have to sit in front of a computer all day. Dr. Schenendorf not only helped me with my neck pain but corrected my posture and showed me exercises and stretches to prevent the pain from coming back. He is amazing!

Nicole Swettzle Web Design/Marketing

I have been to so many chiropractors. Gwinnett Spine Specialists is the most comprehensive care I have received anywhere. He changed my image of what a chiropractic office should be. With all the state of the art equipment, massage therapy and physical therapy, I was able to finally get my low back pain under control. I even saw their MD once. Dr. Schenendorf has a wonderful facility and he and his staff are truly professional. I have sent so many of my co-workers there. Thanks GSS.

Jennifer Doyle Sales Executive

I was very worried about having to pay for my care. I was so relieved to know that they took my insurance. My insurance even paid for my massage which was integral in my recovery. With just a few visits I was able to return to work pain free. The pain has never come back.

Harold Doss Accountant

I thought my gradual low back pain was just a part of the aging process. I would get massage every once in awhile and it seemed to help. I went to Gwinnett Spine  Specialists for a massage and Dr. Schenendorf gave me a free consultation. After taking a few X rays he suggested that I come under care for a few weeks. He explained to me in detail what was going on in my spine. I am happy to say that the back pain is gone. I am back to doing the things I love to do that I thought were gone forever. He gave me my freedom back.

Corey Brown Photographer
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