Gwinnett Spine Specialists: Changing Physical Therapy To Achieve Quicker, More Permanent Results

Physical Therapy has proven effective in treating various musculo-skeletal conditions.   Our PTs our skilled in helping our patients achieve functional improvement, increase their mobility and increase their quality of life.  

However, we have found that often times there are factors which slow or prevent the patient from experiencing a quick recovery.   Such limiting factors include scar tissue and high levels of inflammation or swelling.  

Gwinnett Spine Specialists is unique in that we have the ability to incorporate the best qualities of several disciplines.  With a medical doctor on staff to monitor care, massage therapists to aid in recovery and address scar tissue and modalities to aid in decreasing inflammation, we experience more immediate results. 

Further, our medical doctor is available to renew (or write the original pt prescription) any necessary physical therapy prescription to avoid having to refer our patients back and forth to their primary care physician. A luxury our patients appreciate due to their busy schedules.

In addition we have massage therapists on staff available to serve as an adjunct to care allowing our patients recovery to be more comfortable.  In fact, we are one of few clinics in Atlanta who allow massage to be covered by their health insurance.  A benefit that many of our patients continue to use well after their treatment is completed. 

Chiropractors are part of our team, as well, to help with any spinal or extremity injuries.  If the patient chooses, they can take advantage of these services at no extra cost to the patient.

Having medical, physical therapy, massage and chiropractic in one facility allows for a more comprehensive approach and our patients tell us they can feel the difference. 

We believe once you see the facility and meet our highly trained staff, you will feel the difference as well!
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Gwinnett Physical Therapy:   Specializing In Quick And Painless Rehabilitation By Combining Physical Therapy With Massage Therapy,  Decompression Therapy And Medical Services
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