At GSS, we want you to be comfortable with your decision to treat at our clinic.  Therefore, we want to offer you a complimentary evaluation, exam and x-rays.  To schedule your Complimentary Exam simply call (470) 299 6859 or  CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE ONLINE!
Treating at Gwinnett Spine Specialists has been a great relief for me. I have tried other clinics with little to no success. However, with the comprehensive nature of the care at the office, I was able to manage both my low back and my neck pain. Gwinnett Spine Specalists is "the real deal" and I appreciate the programs that they offer for their patients. Dr. Schenendorf goes beyond what is normal to ensure his patients are receiving the treatments that they need.

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Gwinnett Spine Specialists:  Changing the way back pain is treated by saving our patients time, money and frustration!

Gwinnett Spine Specialists specializes in the treatment of back pain.  We see more patients for back pain/low back pain than any other condition.   In fact, we have over 60 years experience and see hundreds of patients a year for this condition. 

Our revolutionary system incorporates the best of medical, physical therapy, chiropractic and massage therapy,  allowing for the most comprehensive treatment options. 

This allows our patients not only to eliminate their symptoms but provides them with the ability to sustain their progress.

This comprehensive system is designed to ensure an accurate diagnosis and the subsequent proper treatment, avoiding wasted time and money for our patients.

The truth is, no one way is the best for treating back pain and no one method is effective for every patient.  In fact, research has shown that incorporating more than one discipline is the most effective and quickest way to recovery.

Therefore, at GSS every discipline is available to you in one location. Just as important,  any additional treatments and diagnostic testing are offered at no additional cost to the patient.

Our goal is to provide the best of each discipline to quickly alleviate any pain or discomfort and rehabilitate the back pain to prevent future complications.  Any necessary treatments, prescriptions, diagnostic testing as well as the more conservative chiropractic and physical therapy are done on location.  Of course, conservative treatment is our first priority.

In short, you receive the benefits of a more comprehensive approach without incurring the extra cost normally associated with such care.  

Whether you are interested in incorporating all of our services or you are interested in one facet of our care, GSS is the ideal place to treat your pain.


1.  Physical Therapy:  PT can be prescribed to begin a program of exercises, stretching and strengthening.  Physical therapy has been found to be a very effective conservative treatment for back pain. Other associated treatments include:  

.  Ultrasound
·  Electrical muscle stimulation
·  Cold Laser
·  Hydro Beds
·  Inter-segmental Traction Beds

2. Chiropractic:  Chiropractors are experts of the joints that make up the spine. Back pain is often caused by pressure of the nerves as they exit the spine. Chiropractic has proven very effective in treating such cases. 

3. Medical:    Our medical doctor is available to oversee the patient's care.  He will make recommendations on necessary diagnostic testing as well as treatment recommendations such as the need for physical therapy and on occasion prescriptions.  However, the medical doctor will only provide prescriptions to current patients. 

4. Decompression Therapy:   IDD therapy is the latest in back treatment.  It is a highly researched method for treating back pain, specifically disc injuries.  It utilizes traction to rehabilitate the spine and take the pressure off of the back.  In our office we have experienced a very high success rate with this treatment.  IDD has proven very effective in not only treating back pain but various other spinal conditions as well.  To read more about decompression, please see the decompression page.

5.  Massage:   Massage helps facilitate the rehabilitative process serving as a catalyst for faster recovery.  Back pain often has muscular factors which are treated effectively by massage therapy.  In addition it helps to avoid scar tissue to build up which can lead to more chronic conditions.  Our patients enjoy the benefit of insurance covered massage when used as an adjunct to care..
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Back Pain
Experience The Revolutionary System For Eliminating Your Back Pain.  By Combining The Best Qualities Of Medical, Physical  Therapy, Chiropractic, Decompression And Massage We Can  Provide Our Patients With A More Comprehensive Care Plan And  Do So Without  Passing On The Extra Cost
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